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The embrace of technological advancement represents a triumph of human ingenuity and progress. Yet, the rapid digitization of our world has also tied the human experience to interactions that increasingly play out on screens – instantaneous, amorphous, and robotic. The ease with which information can be accessed coupled with the migration of almost all of our experiences onto digital media platforms has corroded both our visual culture and our ability to ruminate about life beyond a hashtag. aesthetic/theories is an attempt to reconcile the efficiency of our modern zeitgeist with the complicated nuances of our humanity. Inspired by Theodor Adorno’s 1970 treatise on art, music, and aesthetics, it is an attempt to reflect on the condition of the world through the mediums that help shape its creative and artistic patterns. It is also an attempt to cherish the color, weight, and tactile texture of objects you can hold. Perhaps above all, aesthetic/theories is about reclaiming the conversation surrounding our place in this world. In this sense it is more than a periodical, it is an embrace of a lifestyle.

The idea is to strip the noise and trace the link of human emotion present throughout each seemingly unrelated field and in the process help connect the dots that bind our human aesthetic.



aesthetic/theories is designed and produced by a/t design studio in california