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'aesthetic/theories is the magazine promising us a cerebral lifestyle'

creative boom, manchester

'we caught up with its editor, Samine Joudat, to discover more about how the magazine started, the influence of Los Angeles and what we can find in volume 2.'

the future positive, edinburgh

'claiming inspiration from the likes of Theodor Adorno, Rem Koolhaas and David Lynch, aesthetic/theories uses big ideas as a starting point for exploring creativity and cool.'

stack magazines, london

'aesthetic/theories, un magazine sull’arte e il design alla ricerca dell’ispirazione'

edizioni del frisco , italian design blog

'interviews...are bold and at times eye-opening, trying to bring the subject to the reader in as much detail as possible. Lowercase typography and typewriter typeface create a strong visual style for the magazine'

arthurious, new york