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volume 002

Just as it did with volume 001, the editorial idea for volume 002 began with the desire to explore artistic expression across a multitude of mediums, in an effort to better understand our culture. But it grew narrower - and deeper - with a desire to explore the specific effects of commodification on creativity. In this volume, we wanted to chronicle a portion, however small, of this phenomenon, and understand the inspiration behind the artists and thinkers that are resisting its overwhelming tides. 

We had the pleasure of releasing our second volume at the home of our friends at Common Room Roasters. It was a beautiful night celebrating tactile objects, in a gorgeous industrial space, with real people, real music, and real conversations. For those that were able to attend, we appreciate your love, support, and ideas. For those that were unable, we hope to see you at the next one, as the conversation continues to grow and evolve in its aim to inquire into the cerebral lifestyle.