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volume 002

In volume 001, we wanted to start the beginning of a conversation about art’s role in both reflecting and influencing global society today. In so doing, we hoped to better the understanding of our place in the world, while cherishing the idea of tactile objects in an increasingly digital ecosystem. In volume 002, we want to extend the conversation by narrowing it. We want to seek an understanding of the role of art and design within a global system currently dominated by a need for commodification that forces everything to become the same. We want to help empower a movement away from this commodification and commercialization of design and creativity towards a celebration of the authentic, genuine sources of creation. This is, by definition, an apolitical endeavor. Not so much a rejection of politics, but an admission that the ability to understand, change, and inspire through political engagement alone is severely limited. Instead, it is an attempt to understand the inspiration behind artists, designers, intellectuals, and institutions that influence our cultural and creative patterns. A multidisciplinary quest for creative coherence.                                                                                                

The idea, editorially, was not to make this an easy experience, it was to make it a genuine one. The choices we have made are a careful byproduct of this concept. By challenging both our aesthetic and conceptual assumptions, we hope to begin grappling with some of the complexities and nuances of that which still makes us human.


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